Gift Voucher No. 1


This could be used for a garden clean up, pot planting or a planting session for the Spring!

(excludes plants or bulbs)


Gift Voucher No. 2


This voucher could be spent to re model part of the garden, a clean up or something else!

(excludes materials)


Gift Voucher No. 3


Just imagine! We could give you the garden you've always wanted with this voucher.

(Excludes materials)


Hello! We're South East Tree Care

We'll take care of your garden - or a friend's garden! 

Gardening Gift Vouchers are an amazing way to say you care! There are few gifts that will last as long and give as much as a garden or a spring bulb planting. You can buy a voucher for a friend or family member and sit back to watch them smile - all year!